About us

Gamer Network was founded in 1999 by brothers Rupert and Nick Loman.

Prior to founding the company, the brothers played a lot of network and online games like Duke Nukem 3D and Quake II; their love for competitive multiplayer video games led them to organise their own events.

After realising they were better at organising than competing, they decided to create an online games business, together with friends from the gaming community. Several years later (paying the bills by designing websites and games middleware) they decided to focus purely on games media.

On completing medical school, Nick left the business in 2004 to pursue his career in medicine and competitive BBQ, leaving Rupert to take the business forward. The company established a series of industry-leading sites, events and YouTube channels, and was acquired by ReedPOP in 2018.

Our leadership team

Picture of Simon Maxwell

Simon Maxwell

Managing Director

Simon is a veteran UK media executive who held management roles across major games, tech, sports and lifestyle brands before joining Gamer Network in 2009. He's lead the business since 2018.

Picture of Jon Hicks

Jon Hicks

Editorial Director

Jon has worked as a writer and editor for over 20 years, contributing to dozens of publications and spending seven years as Editor-in-Chief of the official Xbox Magazine. He oversees all Gamer Network's editorial brands, and aspires to write more things that aren't email or Powerpoint.

Picture of Dan Robinson

Dan Robinson

Group VP, Sales

Dan leads the commercial teams for our events, websites and YouTube channels. He has worked in media and sales for over 25 years. Dan has a passion for late 80s arcade games and plays too much tennis.

Picture of Craig Munro

Craig Munro

Digital Product Director

Craig sets and delivers Gamer Network's product vision, and has helped originate and design almost every website in Gamer Network's portfolio. He lives in sunny Brighton, UK, and is still trying to complete Super Punch-Out!! on the Super Nintendo.

Picture of Karl Cox

Karl Cox

Design Director

Karl joined Gamer Network in 2013 to lead our design team, and has shaped or created the identity for every one of our brands. His team work on branding, site design, ad design, motion graphics and anything else that appears on our sites or social channels.

Picture of Chris Dring

Chris Dring

Head of Games B2B

Chris is a 15-year media veteran specialising in the business of video games. And, erm, Doctor Who.

Picture of Graham Smith

Graham Smith

Deputy Editorial Director

Graham began his 19-year career at PC Gamer, rising to become Editor-in-Chief before joining Gamer Network to lead Rock Paper Shotgun. He continues to oversee it in his current role, along with our flagship Eurogamer and a series of other editorial projects.

Picture of Tom Orry

Tom Orry

Deputy Editorial Director

Tom has spent 20 years in games media after getting a pointless BSc in Software Engineering. He oversees a number of Gamer Network websites and projects.

Picture of Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips

Editor-in-chief, Eurogamer.net

Tom is Eurogamer's Editor-in-Chief. He writes lots of news, some of the puns and makes sure we put the accent on Pokémon.

Picture of Dom Peppiatt

Dom Peppiatt

Editor-in-chief, VG247

Passionate about games and the greater good they can achieve, you can usually find Dom listening to records, faffing about in the kitchen, or playing Final Fantasy VIII (again).

Picture of Matt Jarvis

Matt Jarvis

Editor-in-chief, Dicebreaker

Matt joined Dicebreaker as editor-in-chief in 2019, and has been trying to convince the rest of the team to play Diplomacy since.

Our history

We've been producing award-winning editorial websites for over twenty years. Explore a timeline of our most notable events from our exciting history.


Eurogamer is born

Rupert Loman launches Eurogamer.net.


GamesIndustry.biz launches

Eurogamer launches its first sister publication, dedicated to covering the global games business.


Rock Paper Shotgun launches

Created by four independent journalists to cover the thriving yet under-served PC gaming scene, RPS later partnered with Gamer Network for commercial support.


VG247 Launched

Gamer Network launches VG247, dedicated to round-the-clock coverage of the biggest games.


Nintendo Life joins Gamer Network

Gamer Network agrees to commercially represent fansite Nintendo Life, in what will become a long-term partnership.


Rezzed: The PC and Indie Games Show

Eurogamer Network launches Rezzed, an event focused solely on indie games.


Outside Xbox launches

Eurogamer Network partners with three journalists to launch a new YouTube channel dedicated to Xbox gaming.


Eurogamer Network Rebrand

Eurogamer Network rebrands as Gamer Network and launches USgamer, the first North American website in the portfolio.


The PC and Indie Games Show Rebranded

The Eurogamer show rebrands as the more agnostic EGX and Rezzed becomes EGX Rezzed, reflecting the shows's ongoing growth and diversification.


Outside Xbox hits a million YouTube subscribers

The channel's rapid growth established it as one of the UK's biggest gaming channels and the premier Xbox channel worldwide.


Gamer Network hits 67M monthly users

The runaway success of Fornite helps push the network to its highest audience yet.


ReedPop acquires Gamer Network

An unprecedented combination of media brands and live events includingthe largest gaming event in the United Kingdom (EGX) and the most-visited video game news website in Europe (Eurogamer).


Dicebreaker.com is born

Dicebreaker becomes the first tabletop focused website in GamerNetwork's portfolio and the first website launch post-acquisition.